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Vol. 35: 5..4..3..2..1


I know what you’re thinking… “Why is it green?”

Bruh, it’s light blue Gatorade sports drink, and our sour ale is typically straw/yellow. I don’t want to science you to death, but… blue and yellow make green.

BUZZER BEATER is now flowing out of our warehouse, onto trucks, into other warehouses, back onto trucks, and finally landing on shelves near you. Use our Beer Finder to find it (reminder: EVEN if it isn’t showing up, you should be able to request it from your local bottle shop carrying our other beers!).

It’s hard to imagine a more refreshing sour than one packed with the electrolytes you expect from a light blue Gatorade sports drink.

Also, this is the perfect beer to drink whilst filling out your bracket! We’re planning on having a bracket pool again this year, with a big ol’ prize pack. Stay tuned to the newsletter for info!


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