It’s Almost Here! Pirate Paradise Release Party

Here’s your friendly reminder, the Pirate Paradise Release event will be happening soon! Come and join us September 24 to get your bottles of the rum barrel aged stout spiced with coconut and vanilla, and enjoy live entertainment and cold beer at the brewery. The brewery is located at 120 SW 8th St. in Krebs, OK. If you can find Pete’s Place, you’ve found us. **The gate opens at 11:00 AM, and we’re asking that no one line up outside the gate until 9:00 AM, please.**

Here are a few additional rules and good to know information about the day. There will only be a certain amount of bottles released. 1,200 will be sold, with limit of six bottles per person. There will be an allotted amount of colored wristbands handed out at the ID check point to indicate the participants that were in line first, to ensure a truly first come, first serve situation. If all of the bottles are not claimed by the first allotment, then a second color wristband will be issued for their chance to collect bottles. Bottle sales will begin at 1:00 PM.

But don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you hanging out, waiting around with nothing to do! There will be live entertainment, a chance to grab some delicious Italian food from Pete’s Place next door, and we’ll have specialty beers on draft for sale just outside the brewery. Glassware and other merchandise will be available for purchase, along with a chance to grab up some Funky Gold Mosaic and our upcoming 4th Anniversary release, a sour ale aged on ginger.

We look forward to hanging out with everyone on September 24!

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  1. When will your Pirate Paradise be in Tulsa? I’ve been waiting. Collins Midtown can’t give me any more information than check Facebook.

    1. The Pirate Paradise was a brewery release only. We won’t be distributing that one, but we do have some other exciting options coming up. Stay tuned to find out about those and their release schedule.

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