It’s Alive! The Brewpub Brewing System, That Is


Brew days start early. The Prairie Brewpub kicked off their first brew day with their new equipment Tuesday, October 25th. If you’ve been to the Prairie Brewpub, located in the Brady District of Tulsa, you’ve probably seen the system in a window or peeking around a corner. It’s just been hanging out, just waiting for its chance to join the family and create delicious beer right there in the brewpub.

Chase Healey and Michael Lalli came together with a few of the brewpub guys and started crafting the brew that will be exclusive to the brewpub. It’s going to be a saison, hopped with Azacca. Keep your eyes open for it to make its appearance. Check out how the day went below.


So shiny and new, for now


brewpub2 brewpub3


The brewing begins

brewpub4 brewpub5 brewpub6



Celebration toast

brewpub7 brewpub8


Brew crew and support crew


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