Prairie Artisan Ales Oklahoma Craft Brewery | Top 100 Brewer in the World Sat, 22 Sep 2018 02:57:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Prairie Prison Rodeo Tue, 25 Jul 2017 18:12:03 +0000 Read More ...]]> We have been using coffee in beer for years.  What began with Bomb! eventually made an appearance in Okie and Noir.  Roast and chocolate and dark flavors dominated these beers. They were what most people would expect from a coffee beer.  While loving these beers we also knew we could do a lot more with coffee.  We knew there was an array of flavors in coffee and beer that would be great together.  We wanted to take a different approach.


Prison Rodeo is that approach to coffee and beer.  We started with a beer (maybe it was an IPA) full of juicy and citrus hops.  It was about as far as we could get from a stout.  We needed a coffee to stand up to and compliment the hops.  We needed a coffee that was just as fruity and refreshing. Our friends at Spaceship Earth Coffee sourced multiple samples for us to pick from.  After cupping numerous coffees this natural-process Ethiopia Sidamo Guji really stood out.   We could tell the coffee was going to add another dimension to the beer.


We were careful to add just enough coffee to amplify but not dominate the beer.  In the glass the beer is full of those bright, delicate fruit aromas before fading into a slight but noticeable roast aroma.  We began shipping Prison Rodeo late last week.  If it is not already in your favorite store it should be soon!   

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*NOW OPEN!* Prairie Dawgs – Member Only Club Fri, 05 May 2017 17:51:42 +0000 Read More ...]]> We are excited to announce Prairie Dawgs, an exclusive member only club. Prairie Dawgs will have exclusive and guaranteed access to some of our best barrel aged stouts long term sour ales, and other amazing beers. Beer release times and allocation limits will vary depending on the maturity of the beer. Each Prairie Dawg membership does include 16 bottles throughout the course of the year. When available, members will have the exclusive opportunity to purchase additional bottles. Members will also have access to private brewery events and the Prairie Dawgs Facebook group. The total number of memberships will be limited.  Prairie Dawgs will have the first option to renew for 2018-2019. See below for a list of member benefits, details, and FAQ. If you need anything else, please email us at


Member Benefits

  • 6-8 Prairie Dawg member only releases per year
  • 16 bottles, spread among the 6-8 releases included with membership fee
  • Option to purchase any unclaimed bottles of Prairie Dawg releases
  • Option to purchase full allotment of publicly available brewery only releases
  • Access to special member only events throughout the year
  • Right to renew your membership for 2018-2019
  • Special Prairie Dawg merchandise



  • Pick up dates will be announced two weeks prior to available and will remain open for 1 month.
  • After the conclusion of that window any remaining bottles will be offered to other members, used for special events, or sold for on premise consumption at a Prairie location
  • Pick up locations may be announced at any Prairie location
  • Any Prairie Dawg may designate a trustee to pick up their beer
  • All members or trustees must be 21 years of age with valid identification
  • Membership benefits do not transfer to trustees
  • Sales tax will be charged on all memberships and bottle sales
  • We are not able to ship beer to members


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What size bottles will you use?  We plan to use our standard bottle sizes (12 and 16.9 oz.) but that may vary depending on the release.
  2. Where can I pick my beer up from?  You will have to pick your bottles from the brewery where they were produced.  At first this means all the beers will be in Krebs, OK.  As the year progress releases may occur at OKC or Tulsa.  We will notify all members well in advance of the pick up location.
  3. Do I have to pick up my allotment of public release beers on the day of the release?  No, we will hold your reservation of these beers for two week.
  4. How much will the remaining allotment of member only bottles cost? We expect to sell all reaming bottles for $12 per bottle.
  5. How many extra bottles of member only releases will I be able to buy?  This will vary considerably depending on the beer.  Over the course of the year we expect members to have access to extra bottles though.
  6. What beers will be included in the membership? We will not release the names and styles of each beer until closer their release window. Generally speaking the beers will be big stouts, double barrel stouts and long aged sours.  We will not include previously publicly available beers (Pirate Bomb, Pirate Paradise, Barrel Aged Christmas Bomb, etc.) in the the membership.
  7. When will the first beer be released? We expect the first beer to be ready around July/August 2017. The exact schedule will be determined by the aging of the beer.
  8. Can I change my trustee? Sure, just email, use the subject line “Trustee Change” and include the Trustee’s name, phone number and address in the body of the email.
  9. Do trustees have to have to be members?  No, they do not.
  10. How long will my membership last? Memberships will be yearlong. They will begin on the date of the first release and end 12 months later.   This is expected to begin July/August 2017.
  11. What times can I pick up at the brewery? Pick up will generally be available during regular business hours. Those times vary by location. If you are uncertain you can email or call the location in question.
  12. When can I get my Prairie Dawg merchandise and what exactly will it be? Members merchandise will be available at the brewery during the first release pick up window.  We will include two special glasses and at least one other piece of unique merchandise.
  13. How will members be notified about releases? Every member will receive an email announcing the beer, pick up window, and location.
  14. Can a trustee pick up for more than one member? Yes.


Purchase your membership!


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Looking Back at 2016 Tue, 14 Feb 2017 12:00:26 +0000 Read More ...]]> The last twelve months have been a great time for Prairie. We have created great new beers, shipped to new markets, benefited from the modernization of Oklahoma beer laws, opened a brewpub in Tulsa, announced a new OKC brewery, began a large but reasonable expansion in McAlester, and were recognized as on the top brewers in the world by Rate Beer.


Prairie has always been defined by variety and ever changing beers. Over the past year we have expanded on that idea with numerous beers. The one that stands out the most is Pirate Paradise, a rum barrel aged stout with coconut and vanilla. It was our first ever brewery only release. It is a sublimely smooth and complex beer that demands attention. I have also been very pleased with Phantasmagoria. In every way it is completely different than Pirate Paradise. It is a big, bold, juicy double IPA. We also celebrated our 4th Anniversary with bold ginger spices in a sour ale.




In 2016 Oklahoma breweries were finally able to sell beer from their taprooms. After a few years of asking, the legislature finally accepted our proposal by passing SB 424. Since the law became effective in August we have hosted two bottle releases and numerous other private events at the Krebs brewery. We also announced the opening a small brewery and taproom in Oklahoma City. The OKC brewery will feature 3.5 barrel system. It will allow us room for even more experimentation. Look for some awesome things from there around late spring or early summer.


Another major project for 2016 was beginning a facilities expansion of the Krebs brewery. For a while our production has been seriously limited by space. We simply did not have enough room for new tanks, packaging equipment, barrels, or anything else. Through a partnership with the City of McAlester we have secured a much larger facility just a few miles from our existing brewery. We should begin renovation in March and be operational by the middle of the year. This space will allow us to comfortably add capacity as needed. We will be able to brew and expand at our own pace.


Last month RateBeer announced their awards for 2016. Prairie was honored to win 6 awards including Top 100 Brewery in the World, Top Brewery in Oklahoma, and the inclusion of three beers on the Top 100 Beers in the World list. Only six brewers in the world had more beers named to the Top 100 list. The RateBeer awards are epically meaningful since they are based upon the reviews of users. RateBeer’s users are a serious community that provide meaningful feedback. It is an honor to be mentioned on their list with some the best brewers it the world.


2017 is already shaping up to be even more exciting. We are looking forward to sharing the OKC space with everyone, releasing some longer term wood aged sour beers, and are working to expand our spirits barrel aging. I look forward to sharing a beer with you one of our breweries or at one of our special events.


— Zach

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A New Era of Beer Tue, 03 Jan 2017 15:06:16 +0000 Read More ...]]> This summer the Oklahoma legislature passed SB 424. This simple little law has already had profound effect on us. SB 424 finally allowed breweries to sell beer from their taprooms. To many across the world buying and drinking a beer at the point of production is taken for granted. I can assure that it was not in Oklahoma.   Collectively brewers had been pushing for this privilege for years. Lead by Marshall Brewing the movement started in earnest a few years back when brewers were allowed to give away free samples. Prior to that even sampling beers at our brewery was illegal. These were the times of baby steps. The passage of SB 424 was almost surreal. Even though I was closely involved in the process I never fully realized the implications. I mean, I knew that it was going to create a new opportunities (our OKC brewery) but they were undefined, faceless ideas. I had no idea that one of those opportunities would be a cold, damp December morning in Krebs. I had no idea how fun and rewarding they would be.

Creating beer and running a brewery can be a hard, cold process. Sometimes equipment does not work, other times a beer does not ferment as we expect, and worse of all sometimes people simply reject your vision for a beer. Taking disparate ingredients and melding them into a memorable, loveable beer is inherently challenging. The process requires all of you. It takes all your ideas, and skills, and emotions and pours them into the beer. In that way it is a very visceral and personal thing. These beers are an extension of us. Sharing that work with others is the ultimate test. Will people like it? Will they respond to our work? It can be freighting.

Before 424 most of this happened in a very detached setting. We would make beer and ship it all over the world. The hard work, the struggle to crate the beer, the joy it created (and sometimes the disappointment) were all very far removed from each other. It is an incredibly long feedback loop with little direct interaction between the two worlds. Some people made beer. Others people drank it. Sometimes they talked to each other on Facebook.

424 brought those two worlds together on a cold, damp Krebs morning in December. Fans from far away gathered for the release of Barrel Aged Christmas Bomb and Sherry Barrel Noir as our entire team assembled to pull the release off.   It was jovial day of conversation, of community around the beer. When beer is done right it brings people together in way that established community and friendships. As a fourth generation brewer, in a tiny town in Southeastern Oklahoma it makes me especially proud that it was happening here. It gives even more purpose and meaning to those frustratingly long days and struggles to bring your vision to light.

Over the next few months we plan to continue hosting Krebs bottle releases, private parties, and our beer brunch series. At the same time we will be working to open the OKC brewery and continuing to innovate at the Tulsa Brewpub. We intended to use our beer to foster community, friendship, and culture in all of these places. I look forward to seeing all of you there.


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We’re Hiring! Tue, 13 Dec 2016 21:10:55 +0000 Read More ...]]> Krebs Brewing Company was founded in 2004 to carry on four generations of brewing heritage. By 2012 we began crafting Prairie Artisan Ales. Prairie is now recognized across the world as a leading third wave brewery focused on challenging the boundaries of beer. In each of the last two years we were recognized as one of the top 100 brewers in the world by Rate Beer. We take great pride in sharing these beers with fans across the globe.

At the same time we are dedicated to improving our community through the creation of well paying, stable jobs with good benefits. If you are interested in joining our team we currently are accepting capable applicants for the positions of staff accountant, inside sales, and maintenance tech for the Krebs Brewery location. To learn more about these opportunities email or stop by our office at 103 Steven Taylor Blvd, McAlester, Oklahoma.

Interested in being part of the team but these positions are not for you? Be sure to check in at and our Facebook page frequently. Over the next few months we plan to hire a variety of positions. We are always looking for motivated, talented, and hardworking people.

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Brewery Release: Barrel Aged Christmas Bomb Fri, 11 Nov 2016 18:43:20 +0000 Read More ...]]> If there’s one thing we really enjoy doing over here at Prairie Artisan Ales, it’s putting delicious stouts in delicious barrels and spreading barrel aged cheer to all our faithful friends. This year, to ring in the holiday spirit just a little more, we’ve decided to have our next brewery only release on Saturday December, 3rd. Making this day extra special, we’ve also decided to release two limited barrel aged beers. That’s right, two. First, is our beloved imperial stout, Noir, aged in sherry barrels from our friends at Rocky Mountain Barrel Company. Appropriately named Sherry Barrel Noir. There’s only 850 bottles of this delightful, boozy fare. Next, we decided to take our famous seasonal Christmas Bomb! and age it in whiskey barrels because nothing says Christmas like cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, Spaceship Earth coffee, ancho chiles, and WHISKEY. There will be roughly 2800 bottles of this seasonal delight but we know it won’t last long.

A few details to highlight the day of the release:
– This will be held at our production facility located at 120 S West 8th St. Krebs, OK. 74554
– Bottle release hours: 10am – sold out
  Draft hours: 10am – sold out
– Sherry Barrel Noir, 12oz bottles – $12 each, 6 bottle limit.
– BA Christmas Bomb!, 12oz bottles – $12 each, 6 bottle limit.
– First come, first serve.
– Specialty draft and growlers TBD.
– Only newly purchased and the 16oz growlers from our previous released will be filled.
– Cash and credit accepted.
We look forward to seeing everyone! Cheers!
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It’s That Christmas Bomb! Time of Year Thu, 10 Nov 2016 21:08:05 +0000 Read More ...]]> christmasbombcutlabel

Fall is bleeding out into chilly nights, and we’re at that time when the seasons start to shift and the spice hits the fan. Cuddle up into that ugly seasonal sweater, grab your best glass, and get ready to welcome Prairie Christmas Bomb! back into your life. Christmas Bomb! is our signature stout spiced with cinnamon. It has become a tradition here at Prairie Artisan Ales to produce this seasonal treat. This is our third brew, and as always we’re bringing you a brand new label.

Christmas Bomb! will bring you great comfort and joy in this dark and roasty brew. You’ll find the coffee, ancho chilies, vanilla, and cacao nibs you know and love, but they brought a friend this time. The addition of cinnamon warms this brew evoking the seasonal spirit of spice and cheer.

Prairie Christmas Bomb! is a seasonal favorite that can be found in 12oz bottles and 1/2 and 1/6 Kegs. Shipping started this week and will finish up next week, so get ready start seeing it in stores soon.


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Taking Root in Oklahoma City Fri, 04 Nov 2016 21:00:46 +0000 Read More ...]]> okc12
There has been a lot of talk about the Oklahoma City brewery and creative location, and last night we celebrated our four year anniversary and the building anticipation of the upcoming new space, located at 3 NE 8th St. We opened up part of the location to let a few folks get an idea of the spaces potential. We poured a variety of brews, Prairie Bomb!, Standard, Vous Francais, and the ever elusive Pirate Paradise. We were joined by The Big Friendly, with offerings that were just as exciting. Their taps poured a dry hopped table beer with Simcoe, our Sherry Noir, and the upcoming Christmas Bomb!.

We received overwhelming support from the community. The focus of the event was to get everyone used to the idea that we will soon be in the location, and to give a taste of what we had to offer. The crowd was full of fans that knew what they wanted, as well as a new fan base that had never experienced Prairie products before. S&B’s Burger Joint and Hillbilly’s came out with some amazing food while The Spy FM kept the tempo upbeat. Elvis even stopped by for a Pirate Paradise and gave us a peek at some of his famous moves. Micki Bell, PAA Event Curator, summed up the success of the night, “We’re going to have an awesome home in Oklahoma City.”

Would you like to be our neighbor? There is still space available for other future tenants. If you are interested, please contact Brandon Lodge at 1-405-473-2841.


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It’s Alive! The Brewpub Brewing System, That Is Fri, 28 Oct 2016 16:42:31 +0000 Read More ...]]> brewpub00

Brew days start early. The Prairie Brewpub kicked off their first brew day with their new equipment Tuesday, October 25th. If you’ve been to the Prairie Brewpub, located in the Brady District of Tulsa, you’ve probably seen the system in a window or peeking around a corner. It’s just been hanging out, just waiting for its chance to join the family and create delicious beer right there in the brewpub.

Chase Healey and Michael Lalli came together with a few of the brewpub guys and started crafting the brew that will be exclusive to the brewpub. It’s going to be a saison, hopped with Azacca. Keep your eyes open for it to make its appearance. Check out how the day went below.


So shiny and new, for now


brewpub2 brewpub3


The brewing begins

brewpub4 brewpub5 brewpub6



Celebration toast

brewpub7 brewpub8


Brew crew and support crew


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What We Do: Brew and Disc Golf Fri, 14 Oct 2016 21:53:34 +0000 Read More ...]]> group
The worlds of beer and disc golf sometimes overlap, and when they do, it’s usually a good time to be had by all. It’s no secret that several of our staff are avid disc golfers. They’ve been known to travel near and far to check out a course. It was one of those opportunities that lead two of our own, Michael Lalli and BJ Howell, to travel up to the 2016 PDGA World Championships held in Emporia, KS. They received an invite from our own local disc golfer, Matt House, who was competing in the tournament. He’s the mastermind behind the Buffalo Run Disc Golf Course. That’s how one of the more exciting days we’ve had in a while around here came into being.

The guys met two former world champs that day, Nate Doss and Avery Jenkins, and shared ideas about both disc golf and beer over a few Prairie Aces. Nate is an avid craft beer fan and is working on opening his own brewery, Bevel Craft Brewing, in Bend, OR. Avery lives in Oklahoma and is a fan of Prairie. That’s how we ended up with two former world disc golfing champs, and their friend Victor Skywalker, visiting our brewery on October 13th. They took a brief stop in Krebs on their way through Oklahoma to see how our operation ran and meet the crew.

The day was a good time had by all. Beers were being sampled and discs were getting signed. It was a good visit for us all, we got to meet a couple of guys we’ve been following for a while and they got to see how it all comes together on our end. We want to thank them for stopping by and spending a little time with us, and a big ‘Congratulations!’ to Avery from all of us!


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